Anti-wrinkle Pillowcases


(Image: Pegge Hopper)

My brand Silk face develops anti-wrinkle silk pillowcases, so I think it is important that I educate how silk can help prevent premature lines.

Sleeping is not the only way facial wrinkles form, but it is the most NATURALLY preventable. Wrinkles will begin where facial expressions form lines and skin tires. These lines deepen as we get older and our skin loses it’s elasticity.

I do not believe we should eliminate  wrinkles, but skin is our most important organ. We should keep it young for as long as possible.

When we sleep, our head is heavy on the pillow. Any movement will pull and crease our skin. We could be still, in a creased position for up to 12 hours (lucky for you deep sleepers!) every night. this unfortunately, will form the crease line which in time will become a wrinkle. This wrinkle cannot be reversed.

Mulberry Silk has a smooth property unlike cotton and linen. The material will not pull on your face when you move in your sleep, it’ll allow your skin to glide rather than forming the first steps of wrinkles.

Silk face create Mulberry silk pillowcases perfect for preventing wrinkles in the night.


Blue Leaf_front-v2
Silk face Mulberry silk pillowcase – Blue Oak


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